Thursday, December 11, 2008

Open Letter to the Daily Mail

In response to the horrifically anti-gun articles and editorials here:
The article.
The editorial.

Dear Editor,

I was surprised to see an article and editorial in the Daily Mail that smacked of such distaste for freedom, personal responsibility, logic, and conservative values. While such drivel is certainly common in the state's other leading newspaper, I was floored to see it in the Daily Mail.

It seems that everyone quoted in that article, and every word of the editorial was calling for "action" from the legislature. The irony in these calls for legislation is sickeningly thick. For all of the activity described in the article and in the editorial is already in violation of dozens of federal and state laws carrying heavy penalties. This is a request for failure from the Daily Mail. Existing laws without enforcement equals Failure. (Yes, with a capital "F") Calling for more laws instead of enforcement is requesting more Failure. Do you really advocate more Failure? Your grade for this article and editorial, is "F."


Keith Morgan
Vice President, West Virginia Citizen's Defense League