Monday, March 31, 2008

So, I got an email at work that included that video. You've probably seen it. It's a video advocating a "tucked in shirt" policy. It shows some kid pulling about 14 firearms out of his waistband. It's ludicrous. I felt compelled to click "reply all." Here was my response:

This strikes me as absurd and comical for multiple reasons. The first, and most obvious of which, is mobility. It would've been pretty amusing to see that "kid" take ten steps. If the shotgun in his pants didn't make him fall on his face, I imagine we would've seen one pistol slip from the waistband, down his leg, and clatter on the floor on an average of every other step.

The second, more serious, and profoundly ludicrous allegation by this video is that "tucked in shirts" will have any deterrent effect whatsoever in keeping weapons out of schools. I can conceal a weapon nearly anywhere on my body in nearly any clothing. How would a "tucked in shirt" address a full-sized 1911 taped to my thigh? How would it address the Benelli 12ga, which will fit in my backpack with the barrel removed. Why didn't they just put 30 handguns in one backpack, and have a "no backpack" policy? I estimate that I could arm two platoons with the number of Glock 26s that would fit in my backpack. School administrators would wrather "address" a non-issue like tucked in shirts than deal with real issues such as criminals walking around in public schools.

How would a "tucked in shirt" policy have addressed Columbine, where students came from off-campus wearing trenchcoats.

How would a "tucked in shirt" policy have stopped Cho at Virginia tech, who also came from off-campus carrying two firearms, either of which would easily hide in a pocket?

How would a "tucked in shirt" policy have stopped Andrew Golden and Mitchell Johnson in Jonesborough Arkansas who once again, came from off campus? Golden and Mitchel rang the fire alarm, sending all of the students out the doors and into an ambush killing zone. Should we have a "no fire-alarm" policy?

In fact, I challenge the author of this video to name one school shooting where a "tucked in shirt" would've made a bit of difference.

Here are some things that would actually make a difference:

1. Parents that give a damn about, spend time with, and are involved in the lives their kids.
2. A school system that expels and segregates bullies.
3. A judicial system that keeps criminal teens in jail where they belong, instead of releasing them on the streets.
4. The ability of teachers and administrators to lawfully carry concealed weapons in defense of their own (and by proxy their student's) lives.

But hey, making kids tuck in their shirts is so much easier. And gee, it'll solve everything.

I'm very interested in your comments on this one. Obviously, "tucked in shirts" won't mean squat. But what would make a difference?

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